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 What's My Connection to Mountaintop Removal?



OPERATOR: PacifiCorp-Rocky Mtn

LOCATION: Carbon County, UT

CONNECTION SUMMARY: This power plant purchases coal from companies engaged in mountaintop removal mining. Of the Appalachian communities featured on this site, the one most closely connected to this power plant is Kayford Mountain, West Virginia.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Click any of the mine icons in the map below to get a close-up view of where your power comes from - each mine symbol represents a connection to mountaintop removal for Carbon and for electricity consumers connected to PacifiCorp-Rocky Mtn. Direct suppliers of strip mined coal from Central Appalachia are shown in red. See below for the legend and navigation hints.

View this plant's connection in Google Earth


Carbon, operated by PacifiCorp-Rocky Mtn

Coal suppliers to Carbon that are not mountaintop removal mines, but which are owned by companies that operate mountaintop removal mines in Appalachia

Mountaintop removal mines that are connected to your power grid


The controls on the top left of the map allow you to zoom in closer to the ground or back out to get a broader perspective. Even easier, though, is to navigate with the "hand" tool. Clicking and dragging on the map will move the map in the same direction, double-clicking on a point will center the map on that point and zoom you in a little closer, and double clicking with the right mouse button (ctrl-click for macintosh users) to center on a point and zoom out.

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