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What is Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining?

As much as 600 feet of a mountain has been removed to access a narrow coal seam below

Mountaintop removal coal mining is an extremely destructive form of strip mining found in central and southern Appalachia, with some mines as big as the island of Manhattan.

It tears apart communities, poisons water supplies, pollutes the air and destroys our nation's natural heritage – while only making the climate crisis worse. Learn more here.


Tell Senator Webb: We don't need to bury streams to mine coal

A mountaintop removal coal mine in Wise County, Va.

On September 15th, Senator Jim Webb spoke at a rally in Washington, DC, hosted by the industry front group FACES of Coal. The event was purported to be a "Stand Up For Coal Jobs" rally but the organizers' real focus was on the Environmental Protection Agency's recent moves to rein in mountaintop removal mining.

Senator Webb is right to stand up for jobs in southwest Virginia, which is the poorest region of the commonwealth, but supporting industry front groups that are advocating for more mountaintop removal mining is the wrong approach. In reality, mountaintop removal is a jobs killer and is destroying the prospects of economic diversification in the southwest Virginia coalfields. Already, mountaintop removal has destroyed nearly 70 southwest Virginia mountains.

Senator Webb knows all too well of the hardship that the coal industry has caused the region. An excerpt from his Webb's book, Born Fighting: How the Scotch-Irish Shaped America

"The ever hungry industrialists had discovered that West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia sat atop one huge vein of coal. And so the rape began...The Man got his coal, and the profits it brought when he shipped it out. They got their wages, black lung, and the desecration of their land."

The best way for Senator Webb to demonstrate his concern for Virginia's future is by opposing mountaintop removal mining and cosponsoring the S.B 696, the Appalachia Restoration Act.

Please use the web from below to ask Senator Webb to cosponsor the Appalachia Restoration Act today.

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Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition  •   Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowermentSierra Club Environmental Justice

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