-- End Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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What is Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining?

As much as 600 feet of a mountain has been removed to access a narrow coal seam below

Mountaintop removal coal mining is an extremely destructive form of strip mining found in central and southern Appalachia, with some mines as big as the island of Manhattan.

It tears apart communities, poisons water supplies, pollutes the air and destroys our nation's natural heritage – while only making the climate crisis worse. Learn more here.

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In June of 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies created a plan to review the backlog of pending mountaintop removal permits.

On September 11th, EPA headquarters announced recommendations on 79 of nearly 200 mountaintop removal valley fill permits that have been under review. The EPA recommended that none of the permits be passed through for approval, but the decision is not final.

The release of this short list begins a 14 day countdown in which the EPA regional offices must respond to EPA headquarters' recommendations, and while we applaud the current decision by the EPA, under the timeline process the permits could still be approved.

Each permit approved means more streams buried, more communities devastated, and more mountains literally blasted off the map.

Send a letter to the EPA using the form below. You can also explore a map of the permits, their status and stories of communities who live nearby. With over 500 mountains already blown up & almost 2000 miles of streams buried, we cannot afford to blast more mountains off the map.