What's My Connection to Mountaintop Removal?


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The price of your power: Kayford Mountain, West Virginia

"Mountaintop mining is practically raising the dead, while burying the living." - Larry Gibson, resident of Kayford mountain

Kayford Mountain- Leveled

Larry at the Stanley Reunion

In 1986, mountaintop removal operations began near Larry Gibson's home. Over the next 20 years, "the slow motion destruction of Kayford Mountain has been continuous - 24 hours a day, seven days a week." Coal companies have flattened more than 12,000 acres of mountain landscape around his home. Where he once looked up at the peaks of Kayford from his family graveyard, he now looks 300 feet straight down at a blasted and devastated landscape. Read more.

You are connected to mountaintop removal. Your electricity provider, Massachusetts Electric Co (owned by Borrego Solar Systems Inc) , buys coal from companies engaged in mountaintop removal

The story of Kayford Mountain, West Virginia, is one of many that are connected to the power plants on your grid, which are marked on the map below.

The mountaintop removal mines shown in red are connected to the nearest coal power plant on your grid: Salem Harbor, operated by NAES Salem Harbor.

Click on the mine symbols to take a closer look in Google Maps, or click here for a detailed explanation.

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The closest power plant on your grid that is connected to mountaintop removal: Salem Harbor, operated by NAES Salem Harbor

Other coal-fired power plants on the New England ISO grid that are connected to mountaintop removal

Coal suppliers to your grid that are not mountaintop removal mines, but which are owned by companies that operate mountaintop removal mines in Appalachia

Mountaintop removal mines that are connected to your power grid


Click any power plant to see how it is connected to mountaintop removal or any mine symbol to get a close-up view of that mine. The controls on the top left of the map allow you to zoom in closer to the ground or back out to get a broader perspective. Even easier, though, is to navigate with the "hand" tool. Clicking and dragging on the map will move the map in the same direction, double-clicking on a point will center the map on that point and zoom you in a little closer, and double clicking with the right mouse button (ctrl-click for macintosh users) to center on a point and zoom out.

Explain My Connection


The Massachusetts Electric Co service area is part of a larger interconnected electric grid operated by ISO New England Inc.. There are a total of 3 coal-fired power plants on this grid that are connected to mountaintop removal. Following are details on how each is connected to mountaintop removal.

If Massachusetts Electric Co (owned by Borrego Solar Systems Inc) is not the company that sends your electric bill, please CLICK HERE to select your electric provider from a list.

You may also find your electricity provider in the following list of all utilities:

If your electric provider is not on these lists, please notify us


Plants on the New England ISO grid that do not use mountaintop removal coal directly, but purchase coal from companies that operate mountaintop removal mines in Central Appalachia include: